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How It Works

We delve into how the process works from start to finish, what limitations we have and give you a greater insight as to what we are all about at Motoiva.

Stormy Skies

The Process

Service Limitations Caused By Weather

With our service being a mobile one where we primarily work outside, we are at the weather's mercy. Whilst we will try our best to work in whatever conditions are thrown at us, the point at which the quality of work drops below our standards due to the weather is the point we will stop and try to come up with a solution to get around this issue with you. Typically, if you have a garage or some kind of shelter where your vehicle can be safe and placed into, and we can get our van to within our working distance of your vehicle, then we can continue with your service.  In the extreme circumstances where this isn't possible, we will either allow you to reschedule the service for another time or cancel the service and get a partial or full refund, which will be dependent on how much work has been carried out prior to us having to stop due to the extreme conditions.

If there is severe weather forecast before we arrive for your service, and we deem it to be unworkable, then we will notify you and let you know what further actions you can take. The two options you have are to either reschedule the service for another time, or you can cancel the service and get a full refund.

Any vehicle that has had one of our ceramic coatings applied to it will need to be left for at least 24 hours in the dry. If you do not have a garage or some kind of shelter to protect the vehicle during this period, then that is no problem as long as the weather remains dry, and the temperature doesn't drop too low we can work with it. If the weather is due to rain at all the on the day of your service or during the 24-hour period after the ceramic coating has been applied, we will make an assessment as to what further actions we can take. We will do our best to find a workaround for it and to keep it as close to the original booking date as possible. If this is not possible, and you want to cancel, you may be entitled to a full refund, which will be dependent on the length of cancellation notice we have been given.


Please look at the information below to see some examples of what we deem as unworkable weather.

Freezing Conditions, Snow or Ice

If the temperature drops below zero and any of the conditions above are present during the day's working hours, then we will have to make an assessment whether we can continue with the service or not.

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