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Car Cleaning & Detailing

Product Testing

At Motoiva we continuously strive to make sure we use nothing but the safest and best products on your vehicle. In order for us to do this properly, any products that we use on your vehicle have been put through our own rigorous in house testing beforehand to make sure they do not damage or effect your vehicle negatively in any way. This also allows us to see how well the product works and what kind of finish it leaves on the surfaces of your vehicle. If it is anything below excellent, we do not use it. 

Why We Check

- There are thousands of products out on the market claiming to be the next best thing since sliced bread, the reality is few of them are actually worthwhile using and some of the ones that can clean well have either got nasty chemicals in them or the concentrations of chemicals inside them would risk damaging your vehicle's sensitive materials and finishes which can end up being a very expensive mistake. 

- At Motoiva the trust we build with our clients is of the utmost importance to us, when you give us access to clean your pride & joy you are putting a great deal of trust into us to make sure that we clean it safely, properly and return it to you in an immaculate condition.

- To do this, we hand-pick the products we use by putting them through our 3 step in house testing procedure. Not only does this show us what the best products out there are, but it helps to give you peace of mind that you know whatever type of vehicle you may have, it is receiving the proper care it deserves. 

In House Testing Procedure 

Step 1 - Research 

Step 2 - Product Testing

Step 3 - Service Testing

- Before we buy any products, we do our own deep dive on the product.

- We research, read reviews on them and finally go through the product safety data sheet.

- This contains all the information on the chemicals and their individual concentrations that are used in the product 

- It also contains all of their safety related information as well.

- We check to make sure it hasn't got any nasty chemicals that could damage or stain the surfaces that the product will be working on.

- We check what concentrations of chemicals are inside it and if the pH could damage your vehicle's delicate surfaces. 

- We check what environmental impact the chemicals used in this product has.

-  Finally, if we are happy with all of the above, and it meets our criteria, then we will purchase the product for testing.

- We test the products on a variety of different surfaces that the product would naturally be used on. 

- Our testing parts cover a wide range of materials such as Aluminium, Magnesium, Chrome, Carbon Fibre and many more.

 - Our testing parts also have a wide range of finishes to them such as Gloss, Matte, Satin, Powder Coated, Bare Metal Polished and many other types.  

- If the product damages, chemically stains or negatively impacts the materials in any way they are not used. 

- We then carry out our services on one of our own personal vehicles to test them as they would normally be used. 

- At the end of the process, if we see they have reacted differently and caused any kind of negative affect, the product will not be used by us. 

- If the product is successful in this final stage and produces nothing but an excellent result, then we will use this product professionally with our clients vehicles.

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