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Saddle Bags

- £50 Per pair if booked alongside a Motorbike Cleaning & Detailing Service.
- £70 Per pair if that is the only service you need.

We start off by loosening any debris and dirt inside your saddlebag with a brush, afterwards we hoover the debris and dirt up, if needed we will steam clean the interior of your bags and use one of our specialist products to remove any stubborn grime left over.

Next we move to the exterior of your saddlebags which are primarily cleaned using steam and a variety of brushes, we then use a gentle leather or fabric cleaner to remove and ingrained dirt and grime from the surfaces of your saddlebags. Finally, if they are made out of leather, we apply one of our high quality leather crèmes that restores, rejuvenates and protects your saddlebags from all types of weather.

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