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Ceramic Coatings

-Ceramic Coatings

We apply one of our selection of industry leading Ceramic Coatings to your vehicle's paintwork. We can also do all the exterior trim, wheels and glass of your car/motorbike. The ceramic coating will not only leave your vehicle looking extremely glossy, it will also leave it with incredible hydrophobic properties. Depending on which coating you choose from us it will last between 3-4+ years.You will also be entitled to go onto our maintenance program, which we recommend doing as this will help ensure your newly ceramic coated vehicle remains in top condition all year round. 

- The option to have a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle is only available to those who choose one of our services that includes a Paint Stage Correction.

- You can book online as a one with us for motorbike related ceramic coatings, but for any car related ceramic coatings you will need to purchase and book the original service & then purchase the ceramic coating upgrade and book that in the next time slot after your service. If you would like us to do this for you, please contact us directly by phone or by clicking the button below. 

3 Year Ceramic Coating Motorbike - £100
4+ Year Ceramic Coating Motorbike - £125

3 Year Ceramic Coating Car - £175
4+ Year Ceramic Coating Car - £225

Trim, Wheels & Glass Ceramic Coated - £75

It takes an additional 2-5+ hours on top of our normal service time depending on vehicle size and type.

Additional Information:
Any vehicle that has had one of our ceramic coatings applied to it will need to be left for at least 24 hours in the dry. If you do not have a garage or some kind of shelter to protect the vehicle during this period, then that is no problem as long as the weather remains dry, and the temperature doesn't drop too low we can work with it. Please inform us if that is the case.

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