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Cruiser Clean & Polish

- £180 Per Motorbike

- 6 hours

pH Safe 8-Step Decontamination Wash Process

Pre Wet

Step 1: We pre wet the motorbike and begin to remove any large bits of dirt, grime or contaminants from your motorbike using the water from the pressure washer.

Snow Foam

Step 2: A thick layer of pH safe snow foam will be applied to the entire motorbike. It begins to break down and remove any dirt, grime and contaminants to the surfaces of your motorbike. The snow foam is washed off and exposes the areas that have got particularly stubborn bits of grime that will need more specific products to be applied to remove them.

Bug Removal

Step 3: We apply one of our specialist pH safe products to any areas of your bike that have got bug splats, bird poo marks, tree sap, grease and grime on it. We end up covering most of your motorbike during this step, only working in small sections at a time as we gently massage it around with one of our brushes. After we complete each section, we give it a rinse with water and re check the surface, if there are still any bugs or bits of grime left on, we will repeat the process once more.

Wheels & Brakes

Step 4: We then move onto your wheels and brake callipers, depending on the material and finish of these items we have a variety of different pH safe products that gently clean and remove any contaminants that you would find on them without damaging or staining them in the process.


Step 5: We then move the focus to your engine, swingarm, rear sets and exhaust system where we apply one of or a mix of the pH safe and other specialist products we use to degrease and remove tar, oils, dirt and grime from these areas.

Iron Fallout

Step 6: Depending on the condition and type of materials used on your motorbike, we will use one of our pH safe iron fallout remover products. This product breaks down and safely removes the iron particulates that are bonded to the paint's surface. 

3 Bucket Shampoo Wash 

Step 7: Our 3 bucket safe wash is designed to protect your paintwork and other sensitive areas as good as we can during this process. We use an extremely high quality pH safe shampoo that provides superb cleaning power whilst also protecting your sensitive paintwork. It does this because it contains a lot of surfactants, detergents and lubricants, these help to encapsulate and safely remove any nasty bits of dirt or grime that may cause damage to your paintwork. We then give your motorbike a thorough rinse down, afterwards we have a thorough check over to make sure we have got every part of it cleaned to our standards.

Claying The Surface

Step 8: We will then go over all painted surfaces that we intend to polish using a clay bar or clay cloth. By the end of this process, the paintwork will be completely free from all contaminants and will be ready to be machine polished. We then give your motorbike a thorough rinse down, afterwards we have a thorough check over to make sure we have got every part of it cleaned in preparation for the polishing.

Drying Phase

We now move onto the drying process where we use a combination of warm blown air and extremely plush drying towels to get rid of as much of the water as possible.

Pre Polish Wipe

We apply a product that is designed to remove any last remaining bits of oil and wax from your paintwork, this product perfectly primes your paintwork for the polish to go on.

Polishing Phase

Depending on the condition and type of paintwork on your motorbike we will use one or a mix of our professional grade products to polish your paintwork and windscreen either by hand or with a machine polisher, the end result leaves your paintwork with an incredible shine, clarity and depth to it. The polishing process will get rid of the majority of light swirl marks, surface marks and marring from your paintwork and windscreen. You will also benefit from the hydrophobic protection the product brings, which can last up to 6 months if properly cared for.

Polishing The Chrome

We clean all of your metal & plastic chrome plated surfaces with some of our specialist products, we then hand polish all of your motorbikes metal & plastic chrome plated surfaces, the result of which leaves your motorbikes chrome with an incredible shine.

Dressing The Trim

Often overlooked the black plastic trim and any other types of trim your motorbike has eventually begins to lose the oils from within it and ends up degrading over time, the products we use helps to restore and rejuvenate the trim leaving it with a lasting finish that really makes your motorbike stand out.

Chain, Chain Sliders & Sprockets

For chain driven motorbikes we move onto the cleaning of the chain, chain sliders and rear sprocket (We will also clean the front sprocket if it is easily accessible or open already to us). Once cleaned, we will re-lube the chain with either a wet/dry/wax based lube, depending on your preference.

The Finishing Touches

Your brake rotors are given a once over with a high quality brake cleaner to make sure any traces of the products we have used are completely removed.Your bike is then given a thorough check over to make sure we have cleaned all the various parts to our standards. We will then use a variety of products if needed to add any remaining finishing touches to your pride and joy.

Pre Inspection Form sent to you via email which will contain:
- Paint depth measurements, which can only be taken on metal surfaces.
- Tyre depth
- Any damage or wear and tear found on the vehicle
- Additional comments

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