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Swissvax Treatment & Finish Price:
- £10 Per Naked Motorbike
- £20 Per Fully Faired Motorbike

The class leading Swissvax product used has a highly concentrated formulation which contains 51% of the purest yellow grade-one carnauba wax by volume. The results speak for themselves, once complete it leaves your paintwork with a simply astounding finish which adds a new dimension of depth and lustre to your paintwork.

Winter Protection Package - £25 Per Motorbike

We treat all metal surfaces and areas exposed to harsh conditions with ACF-50. It helps to stop current corrosion and prevents further corrosion from developing. It does this by forming a very thin protective layer over the treated areas that stops moisture and the corrosive materials that you would find on the road from creeping in. 

Hydrophobic Coating - £10 Per Motorbike

We use a specialist selection of products that make all your hard surfaces, paintwork, trim and wheels hydrophobic. This allows water to bead off the surface quickly and also makes it harder for other dirt and contaminants to stick to the treated surfaces, therefore making your motorbike easier to clean in the future. 

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