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Vehicle Size Guide

We have 3 main size categories for our Car Cleaning & Detailing services, please use our guide below to decide which size category best suits your vehicle.

If your vehicle does not fit into any of these categories (For Example if it was a Camper-van) or you are not quite sure which size category your vehicle falls into then please click on the button below and fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Red Car

Small Sized Car

All types of Hatchback.


- Audi A3

- Ford Fiesta

- Ford Focus 

- Volkswagen Golf GTI

- Renault Megane 

- Hyundai i20

- Mini Cooper

Sports Car

Medium Sized Car

- Any type of Saloon Car

- Any type of Estate Car

- Some types of Coupe 


- Tesla Model 3

- Audi A6 + A8 & Estate Variants 

- BMW 2 + 4 Series

- BMW 3 + 5 Series & Estate Variants

- Mercedes S + E Class & Estate Variants

- Skoda Octavia + Superb & Estate Variants

- Volkswagen Passat

- Jaguar XF Sportbreak

- Ford Focus Estate

- Audi TT

- Jaguar F Type

Sports Car

Large Sized Car

- Any Supercar 

- Any Classic Car

- Any Sports Car

- Any 4x4, SUV Or MPV

- Most Coupes 


Anything from these manufacturers.  

- Ferrari  

- Lamborghini

- Pagani Zonda

- Bugatti 

- McLaren 

- Koenigsegg

- Rolls Royce 

- Aston Martin (Apart From The Cygnet)

- Bentley 

- Range Rover

- Land Rover

- Porchse 

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