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Our Service Prices

We offer Car & Motorbike care that should cover all your vehicle detailing needs. Our prices vary depending on the size & type of the vehicle we are detailing. To find out the size of your vehicle, click the button below.

Maintenance Valet

£120 - £150

Wash & Wax:

£100 - £150



Wash, Wax & Interior:

£190 - £260

Wash & Single Stage Paint Correction:

£250 - £390

Wash & Multi-Stage Paint Correction:


Ceramic Coatings:

£175 - £300

Maintenance Plans:

£60 - £110

Engine Bay Detail:



£20 - £40

Helmet, Leathers, Boots & Gloves:

£70 - £90


£40 - £60

Saddle Bags:

£50 - £70

Maintenance Wash 


Wash & Wax:


Wash & Single Stage Paint Correction:

£140 - £170

Wash & Multi-Stage Paint Correction:

£190 - £220

Cruiser Clean & Polish:


Ceramic Coatings:


Maintenance Plans:


Car Service Prices

Other Service Prices

Motorbike Service Prices

If you would prefer not to pay now you can pay later, please get in contact and let us know what service you would like, and we can get you booked in.

Find out more about the services we offer by selecting a category below. 

Robert B.

Oliver came and stayed with us in order to clean our fleet of cars. The vehicles ranged from 40 plus year old classics to hard working Land Rovers covered externally and internally with just about everything life can throw at you. The results would be described as astounding, if we had not witnessed the relentless dedication with which Oliver applied his talents. No one we have used before has come close to achieving this level of excellence, and I whole heartily recommend his services.
Removing Dirt



Luckington, Wiltshire 


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