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Desert Highway


About The Owner 

I have a love for anything with a motor and some wheels, I do have a particular soft spot for the Italian variety. When I am not detailing I am either tinkering with my motorbikes, looking at cars like the MK1 GT40 with the hopes that one day someone will forget to put down a couple of zeros on the price, or I am attempting to get a decent time around some circuit in the UK or Europe on my track bike.

How It Started 

Since I can first remember, I have had a love for all things two and four wheeled. Naturally, as I began to own my own vehicles, the love of keeping them in top condition or restoring them to such a level grew. I would end up spending more time cleaning them than I did actually using them, It soon became rather apparent that I liked doing this type of work, the enjoyment I would get from preserving and restoring some of these magnificent vehicles just helped to stoke the fire even more for me with this work. This is why I have set up Motoiva.

What Is Motoiva

We are incredibly passionate about our work here at Motoiva, we are detailers with purpose, we aim to preserve and restore these vehicles so that the present may enjoy them and the lucky few who own them successfully act as the custodians of these vehicles so that the future may revel in them one day. 

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